Gyumri, land of hope

Gyumri, land of hope

HD  / 15  min / Short film / Documentary short film / French, Italian & Armenian / France & Armenia.  2015

Filmed in June and base don the interviews of Antonio Montalto and Manoug Pamokdjian, “Gyumri, land of hopes”, illustrates the work of the foundations Family Care and Friends of Gyumri in Armenia, and of the Association Muscari in France.

Devastated by a terrible earthquake in 1988 and by the economic crisis imponderable consequences, this town, originally Alexandrapol, a major cultural, commercial and military center during the reign of Tsar Nicolas 1st, then an important Soviet industrial center, now suffers from a very high rate of unemployment and a growing depopulation.

The international solidarity of the last 25 years has been essential for the survival of the population and humanitarian emergency is still relevant, but the emergence of the strong economic and social projects are contributing to maintaining hope.

This is an overview and a reflection on new ways of development through the experience of these two discreet characters.


Director, cinematographer & editor
Diana Toucedo

Produced by
Association Muscari

Diana Toucedo & Guillaume Poussou

Anahit Simonian

Felix Simonian

Graphic design
Silvia Míguez

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