Tres tiempos, tres gestos

Trinta Lumes / Thirty Lights

HD  Stereo 2.0 / 30  min / Documentary short film / Japanish / Spain  2009

Naomi Kawase says: “Time passes, nothing happens, but my heart beats so hard that is ready to burst.”

Kawase’s cinema is pure instability, loaded of prompts and abyss. Abridges everything can make us a quickly feeling through her images and invites us to inhabit the vast ambivalence of life.

This essay contains some pieces of her films and proposes a new construction of them linked to memory and physical reality. Thus, it reveals the dialogue the filmmaker has professed between the ephemeral, everlasting and transcendent. A dialogue that has permeated all her extensive film prints to achieve a place to stay, it is only necessary to have a close look and accelerate our heart to find out.


Idea, production & editing
Diana Toucedo

From Naomi Kawase films

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