What if becoming

What if becoming

Single channel / 14 min / Essay Film/ Galician / Spain, Kosovo  2022

Exhibition of contemporary art where the intention is to create a playground for speculative histories and futures, allowing for the processes of contextualizing and rethinking past as a process to shape our present, so to allow the growing of a (new) present from a different past, a past that we could have, a past that was inclusive. An inherently feminist past.

What might a feminist past traced by, and with the others, look like? Can we pluralize history and pluralize past, so as to contextualize and rethink all of our cinema past(s), therefore contributing to all of our (new) present reading(s) of the past(s). Can we break the linear simplistic reading of “the” past and propose the existence of many microhistories? Can we all make together ruptures and grow presents from many other past(s)?

The exhibition is a space that will grow all of these possibilities and allow for the different
subjectivities to find and take their places and spaces in many histories, in the cinema halls,
in the archives. Through speculative fabulation we enter an exercise of worldmaking and think of our own past as “what if…”: as in “what if transnational cinema was feminist?”, “what if others were not erased from cinema (or world-making)”, “what if others were written into our (film) culture”.

Kumjana Novakova (curator)


Lumdardhi Gallery, Prizren Kosovo Aug/SepOct 2022


Script, Director & editor
Diana Toucedo

Cinematographer & camera
Diego Dussuel

Sound editing & mix
Sergio González Cuervo

Visual effects and color
Aleix Fernández

Graphic design
Silvia Míguez

Maria Khatchadourian

Produced by
DianaToucedo Films & Lumbardhi

Curated by
Kumjana Novakova

With the support of
Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo

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