HD DCP Dolby 5.1 / 75 min / Documentary / Catalunya / Spain  2021

Quatre adolescents de 16 anys en una aula es disposen a veure una pel·lícula. El projector s’encén i comença un viatge iniciàtic en aquesta mateixa aula del seu recorregut escolar des dels 4 fins als 12 anys.

Mia és molt sensible i reflexiva. Manuel busca ser el líder. Candela és magnètica i responsable, i Nil és sincer i té múltiples dificultats.

Durant aquests 8 anys descobriran temes fonamentals per a la seva vida adulta, prendran consciència de qui són confrontant les seves pors i conflictes. Aprendran a escoltar i ser escoltats a través de la conversa. I assumiran les seves emocions i relacions des dels diferents rols que es generen en aquesta micro societat: l’aula d’una escola.

Four 16-year-old teenagers in a classroom are about to watch a movie. The projector turns on and a itinerary journey begins in that same classroom where they started school from the age of 4 until they were 12. We will live 8 critical years of the life of our 4 main characters in the school.

Mia, is thoughtful and sensitive, in touch with her emotions and surroundings.The
story of a brave girl who overcomes her shyness to let her innerself come through.
Manuel is the leader and joker of the class, although older he finds this role leading
him into conflicts with the others. Candela is a charismatic and communicative girl full of character, whose moments of insecurity see her attracting attention. And Nil is a sincere and explosive boy that has lot of issues caused by his adoption.

During these 8 years they will discover fundamental themes that will mould their
adult life. They will become aware of who they are by confronting their fears and
conflicts. They will learn to listen and be heard through conversation. They will
assume their emotions and relationships from the different roles that are generated
in this micro society: the classroom of a school.

En producció


Pitching Upcoming Catalan Docs al IDFA Industry Program 2020


Mia, Manuel, Nil y Candela

Directed by
Patricia M. Félix

Produced by
DianaToucedo Films / WKND

Executive producers
Patricia M. Félix, Diana Toucedo & Roger Torres

Patricia M. Félix

Beatriz Ortiz

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