Mapping the Darién Gap

Mapeando el Darién Gap

Mapping the Darién Gap

HD 2.0 / 10 min / Documentary Science short film / English & Spanish / EEUU  2017

A team of young indigenous pilots begins a journey deep into the jungle to monitor and protect one of the most threatened frontiers forests in the Americas: The Darien Gap.

In indigenous communities along the Tuira and Chucunaque river, Carlos Doviaza and his team use drones to do it. They map community boundaries and resources to secure land titles and create sustainable land use plans; as well as monitor their forests from outside threats, such as logging, ranching, mining, guerilla, paramilitary, and drug trafficking…

Their courage and hard work inspired our latest educational short-film for the series Scientists at Work. Thank you so much to the team at HHMI BioInteractive for giving us the opportunity to work in The Darien Gap with you.

Produced by BelugaSmile Productions, this film was shot in Panama by the Emmy-winner Mark Carroll and edited by the talented Diana Toucedo. The film also couldn’t have been made without the support of Cameron Ellis and Rainforest Foundation US

Find here the educational materials (both in English & Spanish) that accompany the film… … As well as a link to the interactive,The WildCam Darien. By ID’ing the species captured by the camera traps, you will be helping Yaguará Panamá to protect big cats (jaguars!) and related species in The Darien National Park. Have fun!


Carlos Doviaza, Tom Bewick

Directed by
Ana Salceda

Produced by
BelugaSmile Productions with HHMI

Executive producers
Dennis Liu

Marc Carroll

Diana Toucedo

Sound design and mix
Andrew Bozza


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