Camille & Ulysse

HD DCP Dolby 5.1 / 98 min / Fiction / Spanish / Spain  2022

Seven-year-old Vera lives in the big city but adores spending the holidays in her grandparent’s town and particularly in their deserted tobacco barn. Nieves, a teenager native from there whose father forces her to help out at the family’s land, can’t avoid but feeling caged. The two girls, driven by the sense of adventure and the need to find oneself respectively, will be connected to a magical creature that will change the way they see their own reality.


World Premiere – New Directors Festival Internacional de San Sebastián (Dunia Ayaso Award)


Vera Centenera, Ada Mar Lupiáñez, Tamara Arias, Cristina Eugenia Segura Molina, José Sáez Conejero

Directed by
Rocío Mesa

Produced by
La Claqueta PC S.L. (España) Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo
Un Capricho Producciones (España) Belén Sánchez Silvero
Amplitud (EEUU) Jana Diaz Juhl
La Cruda Realidad (España)

Sales Agent by
Latido Films

Cinematography & camera
Alana Mejía González

Diana Toucedo

Paloma Peñarrubia

Joaquín Pachón

Sound design
Vicente Villaescusa, Rafa Martínez

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