HD Stéreo / 4 x 1,5 min / Installations / Spain  2020

INSTANTES by Maurici Ginés (Summalab/Artec3)

The three works on display are part of a route that comprises three ‘instants’ of light at Casa Giraldi. An instant is linked to an emotion that in turn recalls memories. These works are small containers of the flashes of lighting that one experiences inside Barragan’s architecture, but that could be found in mexican colorful towns and architecture.

Commissioned by the director of INBA, Gabriela Gil, and curated by Gabriela Etchegaray, the artworks were part of the “Echoes of a Land” exhibition in Mexican Pavillion at La Biennale di Venezia. Llum Barcelona 2020.


NUESTRO MAR by Maurici Ginés (Summalab/Artec3)

Memories of light from Barcelona. The work evokes a fragmented vision of the dawn, reflections of the sun in the Mediterranean, our sea. The movement of the spectator and the movement of light create subtle effects of perception generating a personal and interactive relationship with the work.

The light art installation was inspired by the myriad reflections the sun produces as it rises from the Mediterranean. The idea was to transpose this light to the Torre del Reloj in Mexico City, the location of the Expo on Barcelona and its design industry, so that visitors could experience a special relationship with the artwork and our city. Filters in warm tones recreate the colours of dawn, while the use of dynamic lighting creates scenes associated with water and the sea. Artistic content that simulates the movement of a fluid creating sensations of peace and tranquillity. This and other scenes – waves and reflections – were activated by pressing wireless buttons on the pedestal close to the installation: creating an interaction between the object, space and user.

The work transmits a sensation of technology through an abstract concept: the light itself.

The light sculpture is made from transparent methacrylate of different thickness and is 70cm wide by 3 metres high. To diffuse the light and obtain texture the panels were sanded manually on both sides. The installation incorporates a sound system which plays a distant rumour of the sea, thus giving the user a complete experience through light, sound and technology.

Commissioned by Design Week Mexico and BCD Barcelona Centre del Disseny. The artwork was part of the “Inspired In Barcelona: Elements”. Llum Barcelona 2020.

INTERLUDIS by Maurici Ginés (Summalab/Artec3)

“Interludis” symbolizes the identity, equality and differences of individuals as positive values using light and colour. The linear elements, or interferences, which project from the pieces generating changes of perception according to the position of the viewer, represent the individuality while the background colour the social environment that conditions us.

The chromatic compositions express the value of the difference between people and, at the same time, that our essence as individuals is the same. In this interplay of relationships, individuals have the ability to transform their surroundings through their own interference in them, leaving their subtle colour impression in life.

PERSOPECTIVA by Maurici Ginés (Summalab/Artec3)


Light art by
Maurici Ginés

Victor Vinyamata, Ramón Ferreira


Shortfilm directed by
Diana Toucedo

Pep Salvador

Diana Toucedo

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